Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Nomadic Life Indeed

What can be more nomadic than the nomadic country itself .. Mongolia.

I was browsing through a few of my travel pics and here I have dredged up a couple of my favourite from the big M.

A yak herder

Actually in Russia, just over the border .. tracks off into the steppe

The pic in the header is from Mongolia as well. We stayed in the big ger (behind the smaller one) on the right.


One thing I have just leant is that you need to turn on Unicode with Safari on Mac OS X, otherwise it looks like jibberish.

Testing Out Cyrillic

I have just discovered the Cyrillic alphabet on my iBook, so I am testing out how well it works when you publish using it. Here goes.

Джереми Данлоп = My name
Москва = Moscow
Иркутск = Irkutsk
Улан-Батор = Ulaan Baator

Let's see if they work correctly.