Wednesday, February 23, 2005

A Better Campsite Would Be Where?

I was sent this brilliant pic. Thought I would share it.

photo curtesy of Kymba

Features Nanga Parbat (the naked mountain) in Northern Pakistan.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Country Map Wank

I have discovered this website called World 66, where you can generate a map of all the countries that you have been to. Of course it doesn't tell how long you might have actually been in a particular country.

For example I have been to Luxemburg, for a day. Or I have been to Northern Ireland, for 2 days. Of the bigger European countries, Portugal I went for 3 days, Netherlands 4 days, Slovenia 3 days but I still get to include them on my map.

A better map would be to show the cities you have been to. To travel anywhere to any country in the world you need to go to a big city at some point. Maybe they could create a list of countries and then cities with populations over 500,000 that you could tick off.

The problem with this though would be that Iceland would miss out all together as Reykjavik only has a population of 170,000. Maybe it should be big cities and capitals.