Saturday, July 31, 2010

TV-B-Gone inside an iPod

A couple of weeks ago I got myself a TV-B-Gone kit. This is after months of wanting one. Once received I pulled out the soldering iron that had laid unused for years and constructed the simple circuitry. Completed I just didn't like it being so .. exposed.

It needed a case. And not some ordinary case, it needed some sort of disguising case. This after all is a covert piece of equipment. So I pulled out my old iPod Photo, which after a great life had also sat around collecting dust.

Just a normal iPod Photo ..

Once apart and gutted I set about trying to see if the kit would fit. It was satisfying to see that the cable bay at the bottom was perfectly suited as a slot for the IR LEDs.

Something a miss here ..

After experimenting with the iPod Photo's battery connected to the kit I instead tested an older original iPod battery. This worked great.

The only thing to do now was to try and rig up some sort of button. I originally thought about using the main command button on the front of the unit but, after checking the circuitry, found it would be too hard to connect up to so instead changed my focus on using the hold button on the top.

Gutted ..

Wired up with the help of a mate who had a better soldering iron and soldering skills, we had our disguised TV-B-Gone working. All that is needed now is to wear your headphones and wander into any electronics store or mall filled with annoying and power hungry TVs.

Wired up to the hold switch ..

A demo of it in action ..


Danny Andrijanic said...

Sneaky. Love it.

Act all casual like and DO NOT look at the TVs when you do it. Just keep walking.

Do please tell us what kind of range you get. It would be fantastic if it worked from across the street.

Thiruppathy Raja said...

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