Wednesday, April 06, 2005

World Press Photo

I do love photography and in 2003 I went to one of the best exhibitions I have ever been to, and it was free. It was the World Press Photo Award exhibition at the State Library of NSW. Last year I missed out, as I was in PNG and this year it will be the same.

So for those lucky enough to be in a place where the exhibition will be travelling to I really recommend you to trot on over. The Australian exhibition will be again on at the State Library of New South Wales, Sydney between 24th of June and 17th of July.

You will get to see quality and topical photos like last years winner.

Woman mourns relative killed in tsunami, Cuddalore, India, Tamil Nadu, 28 December | © Arko Datta

Or 1st prize in the Spot News: Stories section, won by an freelance Australian photographer.

Tsunami aftermath, Aceh, Indonesia | © Dean Sewell

Previous years winners include images that surely everyone must know.



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