Friday, June 24, 2005


I am a bit of a science nerd, well ok I am a bit of a knowledge nerd - I like to, umm, know things. So that is partially why I like getting National Geographic magazine - and for the purty pictures too.

After recently reading Bill Bryson's book, The short history of nearly everything (which is not nearly everything at all as it only looks at the history of science) it got me interested in knowing about the movement of the human race. So I was pleasantly surprised when the last edition of the National Geographic informed me about their Genographic project.

Here you can view an atlas of the movement of humans which they have researched using DNA technology. You can even buy a kit and send in some of your DNA to get processed and they will show where your ancestors moved around and came from.

I don't really need a kit I think, I know my blood is mostly Scottish, although it would be good to find something weird.

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