Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Hello Popular Culture, I Am Back

Back in the world of mass entertainment, and what is the first thing I choose .. King Kong.

Good .. but predictable .. poor Kong, you definately feel sorry for him at the end. Not so much for her though, what was she thinking? And how can you be at the top of the Empire State Building in a flimsy dress in the middle of winter and not shiver once. Tough Aussie bird.

I have also knocked off another thing on the list that I was hanging out for .. heading off to my favourite pub to sample the more than one beer on tap which is on selection

But there was certainly one thing that I didn't miss up north .. the cost. Movies, coke and popcorn = $24. One schooner of beer in Sydney = $5. My savings are going to go in no time at this rate .. and I still need to finish off the dreaded Chrissie shopping. Methinks work will be required in the new year.

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