Thursday, December 22, 2005

My Toys Are Bigger Than Yours

How many people do you know own a 1950's CAT D8 bulldozer, a Belorussian articulated tractor, two veteran 1910 era Cadillac cars and two 30 metre high wind turbines? For me it adds up to one. My old man.

I have been catching up with him over the last week and catching up with his eccentric buying habits. He is a man of independent financial means and ends up spending it on some big boy toys. Admittedly they mostly have a function .. apart from the Cadillacs which are just big toys .. but the others are either for his farm or a new business venture for wind generated electricity.

The turbines are impressive. I had been told they were big, but it is not until you get up close to one that you grasp that these things are big bits of equipment. Unfortunately they are still in bits, waiting for approval to be erected and working. Still it gives me the opportunity to suss them out up close.

Not a ballistic missile, just a 30 metre wind turbine tower

The car sized bit that sits on top

Dad checking out the guts

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