Thursday, December 07, 2006

Travel By Numbers

Fell completely off the Blogosphere for a while there. Is it really more than two months since I last updated this. And all that has taken place between now and then. A lot really. First there was the finishing off of some travels through Malaysia and Thailand, doing it with my mother, returning home to Oz, travelling through my native state (ie New South Wales and not running around in the nuddie), showing it to my gal, who has also escaped the jungles, and now finally moving south of the border for a new destination and view in Melbourne town.

But before I recap on any stories, I thought I would do a bit of a tally as to how much actual travel I have done this year. At a rough count the actual hours that I have spent sitting on any form of transport has totaled up to be 370 hours, or over 15 days. Over two weeks of this year spent on a bus, train, ferry or plane, and that doesn't include the transport to get to that mode of transport or the waiting that always happens before it leaves.

Then as a total I have lugged my luggage onto 97 of these trips by sea, air or land. 35 buses, 32 trains, 21 planes and 6 ferries. Enough I reckon for one year.

More news soon.

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