Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Book Heaven

Like a suicide bomber dreaming of the many virgins to come in the afterlife, while up in PNG I was dreaming of the many bookshops to browse once I crossed over into the developed world. Now that dream has exploded into reality.

My current job is located within two blocks of about half a dozen major books stores. Dymocks, Angus & Robinson, Borders, Collins, Abbeys, Galaxy and my personal favourite Kinokuniya - apparently the largest global book store in Australia, whatever global means - are all here. Heaven.

I do admit though that I am not much of a reader, but I am certainly a browser. After living in bookshop wilderness for the last two years - unless you count Christian bookshops - being able to just look around, pick up random books, walk through the aisles, admire the gleaming tomes, go to the travel section, pick up random destinations - it is a joy .. and also a tad sad I admit, but hey it really was that bad back in PNG.

Currently the travel section is taking up most of my time. Mainly of course because I keep researching my next destinations. The one on the top of the list at the moment is New Zealand. I have booked tickets to head over there soon with a mate for a couple of weeks to do some hiking on the South Island, possibly the Routeburn track and Milford Track if you are up to speed on that part of the world.

I was there three years ago to do some skiing which was brilliant - apart from tearing a muscle in my ankle - and I am hoping some hiking this time should be equally as good. And it will also be a pleasant change from the last hike I did - that Kokoda thing. Still remembering the exhaustion.

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