Monday, February 13, 2006

Smart Advertising

Would you sell out for a $35 a week car? People up my street have.

An advertising mob called KahDo has dreamt up a scheme of almost giving away cars to various people (who fit their criteria), willing to drive around the mobile billboards. The car which you would receive for your money would be one of those small Smart cars, not much bigger than a shoebox on wheels.

They obviously want people who live in dense residential areas, park on the street and drive to an equally dense commercial area. Funnily enough I fit the bill here. The only question for me is do I want to be a sell-out? Coming from a person giving up their time and money to volunteer for two years to one flogging off some deodorant brand would be a big change. But it would stop my whinging about not having my own wheels to get about in - see previous moan.

Another plan by advertisers was in the paper the other day. Instead they are targeting people with existing cars and who would trade in their commercial morals for their car to be wrapped in advertising. In return the advertising company will pay for your registration, insurance and fuel costs. With the high costs of these things at the moment, it probably won’t be long before we are a nation of sell-outs.

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