Monday, February 27, 2006

Red Cross Calling

I can't stop volunteering. Next month I will be ringing bells and banging on doors, singing out for people's money. I got the phone call a few weeks ago and I thought why not. After all I get a little bag and an official little receipt book to take around. No name tag though.

The deal is, I have one block of my street to door knock on. When the girl rang up one evening and asked if I could collect for my street, I told her that my street was fairly long (it runs through 6 suburbs and up to number 1000 something - I live at number 11). She then asked me what would be a good number to collect to, and I said "hmm .. maybe to 25". Since checking where that is .. it is as far as the corner. Before you say "slack arse", there is a block of apartments on the corner .. with about 16 flats in it.

I now realise I have ventured into a killer way to meet all my no doubt eclectic mix of neighbours. I have already seen them wandering about .. fleeting glimpses as I walk past open doors .. or as they pop out to get some milk. So now next month I get to bang on their doors and use the brilliant opening line to lure their donation .. "Hi I am your neighbour from number 11, and I have volunteered to collect for Red Cross. Would you like to volunteer some money".

And when I get a tad thirsty from all the collection I can visit the two pubs on my bit of street and collect there.

update: I do indeed have a little name tag. Found it after I properly looked at the package they sent. They didn't send a clip to attach to your chest though.

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