Thursday, March 02, 2006

Where The Bloody Hell Am I?

The view from my office at the moment. The view that I have had for the last five and a half weeks. It hasn't been too bad seeing the Town Hall in the morning sun. But it is only for another two days. Yes I am making like a pack of ducks and getting the flock out of here. Again.

In two sleeps I will be winging my way to New Zealand for a couple of weeks. Some hiking. Some sight seeing. Some adventure sports (could be a first time for a bungy jump?). And some chilling, will be on the agenda. All good. After that who knows. I will be on a free range.

This job currently about to end was to cover the costs and bills while I have been back in Oz, and allow me to see my new niece and catch up with family and friends. Mission accomplished there. But the next question is, where the bloody hell am I going to be next? Certainly I will be out of contact for a little while at least.

But just in case you care a tad more, you can check out what I have been looking at for the last few months on my flickr account where I have uploaded a stack of random photos, that perhaps or perhaps not mean something.

Take it easy.

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