Friday, March 31, 2006

What To Choose?

I was reading the SMH last night and I flicked over to the TV section and my eyes wandered onto to Doug Anderson's reviews for the day. First up was Getaway where he took a great swipe at all the "jaded people who have been there and done that - the indulgent drearies" - who would want to watch this show.

This was brilliant Anderson at his best. I love his scathing, bitter reviews, it is almost like he has a personal grudge against all of TV's usual suspects. He didn't disappoint when he went to town on one of the shows featured destinations, Las Vegas - "global capital of inanity, greed and pathetic excuses", "Nevada's neon armpit". I was smiling to myself until I read the last sentence "just the spot if you fancy your chances in the program's $50,000 photo competition". Hang on, now this was something to take notice of.

Looking at the clock, it was 7:30, so I put another Kerry vs Little Johnny debate to one side and flicked over to the indulgent drearies channel. And so I proceeded to sit through Catriona yacking about driving through the Cotwolds (hmm .. I have to admit I have been there and done that), some new bloke driving us around the McClaren Valley (hah haven't done that) and then the garish Las Vegas segment, which I skipped and turned over to the ABC for. Finally at the end of the one hour long advert for Virgin Blue there was the photo competition info, all I had to do was upload any photo I have taken on their website. I should of guessed.

But what photo? Checking the site to see if it had anymore info to help it just says you can enter as many as 5 photos per person. Yeah but of what. What wins a competition like this?

I have a stack of photos from all over the place and now I need to find the best 5 that might win the Getaway muppet's hearts.

Taking a quick sqizz through my collection I am wondering if something like the following might do it? Covering all sorts of bases from awesome nature pics to humanity photos. Whatd'ya reckon?

Tourist Nuns
A nice pic of some nuns outside of Gaudi's famous Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

Gullfoss waterfall
The might of nature at the Gullfoss waterfall in Iceland.

Xian cyclists nap
A humorous pic of a cyclist taking a nap in Xian, China.

Mongolian Yak Herder
Nicely framed dust pic of a yak herder doing his job in Mongolia.

Goroka Show 1
Or another humorous pic of a Goroka man in his sing sing bilas finery and a ciggie hanging out of his mouth.

I have heaps more, but the choice is hard.

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