Monday, March 13, 2006

I Love My Boots .. Not

in Te Anau. just finished off another track. they just keep on coming and we keep on knocking them off. this time the Kepler. not too shabby. beautiful views from above the tree line and in the snow. the weather god has been kind this time and we only had a touch of rain on the first day. and then got to tramp (a kiwi term i hear) through the snow in the beautiful sun. to make it more difficult for us we decided to do it backwards to everyone else (or at least 99.5%) of people. those losers do it anti-clockwise so that they don't have to climb up a 900 metre steep incline on the 3rd morning. piece of cake. he says now. it was a tad struggle at the time. coupled with the fact that for some reason my boots have decided to turn into the devil incarnate and try to destroy my Achilles heels. bloody things. now that i have finished they are swollen and worse for wear. lucky i was tramping with a pharmacist to dispense the drugs. new things i have learnt is codine is good and so is ibuprofen. the bits before the drugs kicked in though were a punishing affair. hopping along the track.

about the track itself. 63km long. takes 4 days and 3 nights comfortably. staying in lovely monster sized huts (50+ people - bloody hell) this time. no tent. term-a-rest yet to be repaired. shame that. does mean that we had to put up with steam train snorers. last night was a beauty. my mate attacked our neighbouring peace destroyer with a weighted pillow slip. did the trick. but got the dirty looks this morning. he deserved it though. we should have been giving the looks.

ok next up is Stewart island for a sticky beak. and then back to Queenstown by Friday night for St. Patricks Day in the bars and Saturday fly back. doesn't time fly when you're having fun.

ramble over and out.

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