Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Lost For A Bit (or how to survive unemployment)

Since being back in the country again I have had a bit of time. What does one do:

a) Plan some future travel.

b) Catch up on some movies you have copied off a mate.

c) Plan some more travelling, buy a guide book.

d) Watch a few episodes of Lost, that you have copied off same mate.

e) Go for long walks through nearby areas.

f) Watch more of Lost.

g) Book some flights abroad.

h) Watch some more again of same TV show .. in fact watch the entire first season .. all 25 episodes @ 42 minutes each .. which = 17.5 hours.

i) Get out to the family farm.

j) Go fishing with your sisters rod down at the river.

k) Catch nothing but some small flappers .. throw them back.

l) Start watching second season of Lost.

m) Go for a hike up a hill on the farm.

n) Take some photos of the countryside you grew up in.

o) Watch some more of the bloody TV show.

p) Finally finish off all the episodes you have on your computer.

q) Be content that you are about six episodes up on the rest of the country and did not have to watch one commercial for it.

r) Contemplate reading a book for the first time in 3 months.

s) Forget book and instead watch a Super 8 movie transfered to DVD of my fathers journey through central Australia in the 60's (complete with him rolling his car in bulldust .. visiting Alice Springs .. climbing Ayres Rocks .. rolling car again and destroying roof .. throwing smashed roof away at the rubbish tip .. driving 800 km back home with no windscreen or roof).

t) Realise where I get some of my adventurous nature from.

u) Think about a trip to Alice Springs and Uluru.

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