Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Got It

Been hanging out for a while for this. Latest hot off the press edition. And I even picked it up today with a 20% off. Nice steal. Although Borders tried to hide it on the floor out of sight behind all the two year old editions stocked on the shelves.

I was a bit surprised to discover it. I checked a few weeks ago on the LP website for the upcoming titles and it wasn't included. But I knew it would be coming out as the old one is two years old and LP are pretty regular on a two rotation .. for their popular titles.

I guess this sort of gives it away as to where I am off to next. It has been planned for a long time .. a really long time .. before I even went to PNG .. and the time is now nigh. Can't wait. But where to first? A couple of people and places I want to catch are throwing spanners in the works. Things will sort themselves out. I just have to wrap my head around all the logistics of the plan first.

There are also a couple of other things I am waiting on .. but they now seem less likely.

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