Monday, April 24, 2006

Another Bash

Barrington Tops NP

Back to the bush again on the weekend. This time for a 30 something k hike round my local national park, close to where I grew up . The usual activities .. an overnight camp, playing with camp fires, roaming along peopleless tracks, retrialling my ankle busting boots (not too bad this time) and getting the bush knife out for the first time since PNG .. great for chopping firewood and hacking insidious weeds. And the partner in crime .. my mate from the NZ trip.

It was all good preparation for my upcoming weeks where I plan to do a few hikes in various terrain - desert in the Northern Territory, a mountain in East Timor and probably a jungle nightmare back in PNG. We shall see. I certainly have now got back the taste for hiking. 2006 may be the year of the trek .. Eastern Europe, Turkey, possibly some Caucasus, still to come.

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