Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Place To Be?

Flew down to the Mexican capital on the weekend. Staying at a mate's place. Got the whole week to fill in. Bumming around. Catching up with friends. Visiting pubs and sites. It is the tough life of an unemployed person with time to kill. Someone has to do it .. may as well be me.

There is a reason to the sojourn. The wedding of my volunteer loving mates from Lae. It has been planned for a while and so has this trip .. but that is not until Friday, so I have some time to be tourist boy.

So far I have ventured into the Docklands, taken a squizz at the National Gallery of Victoria, wandered through the Shrine of Remembrance, visited the shopping streets, ridden the trams and trains, checked out the new looking Spencer Street Station (now called Southern Cross Station), bypassed Federation Square and gandered at an exhibition at the Australian Centre for Moving Images. All in a tourist's days work with more to follow.

I like Melbourne, nice town. Thinking about living here one day .. for a while at least. Then again I wouldn't mind living one day in a host of other places. But I figure Melbourne is up near the top of the list. I need a reference at least on Sydney. Sydney is great, but from what I have heard so is Melbourne. It would be good to be able to compare and not just hear in either city, one eyed locals bleat that theirs is better.

And cheers to my mate Dippa, for putting me up. Nice digs, he's close to the city centre, on a tram line straight to Elizabeth street, has a huge plasma TV and a free 512k internet connection (he works for an ISP).

Back Alley Steps of Remembrance

Southern Cross Station Cow Up A Tree

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