Monday, April 10, 2006

John Laws Nearly Ran Me Over

Back in big bad Sydney. Sunday night. Decide to do my usual dine out at Harry's Cafe de Wheels. Wander off down there. Do the correct thing and wait for the little green man at the traffic lights. Get the signal. Start crossing the road. Get a big Bentley streaming down towards me. It stops just in time. ABS working for it. Get a bit of shock. Look alarmingly at the "357" number plate. Then through the front windscreen. Start thinking wanker with too much money. Get a good view of driver and passenger lit by the street lights. Recognise the passenger to be Golden Tonsillitis himself, John Laws. Confirm the wanker with too much money thought. Golden Jaundice looks rather sheepishly towards his driver. Some young bloke in a white t-shirt. Bodyguard, son, plaything, who knows. Notice some other people in the back seat. It all takes a second. Filthy look maintained and delivered throughout it. I cruise on to the other side. Grab that pie I was after.

I guess it could have been worse. Some nobody with no money could have nearly hit me or done the full job. Or it could have been Allan Jones. But if you are going to be hit make sure it is a Bentley. Which reminds me of that Simpsons episode.

It did reconfirm for me my contempt for everything Lawsie. If there is ever a statue made of him. I might just have to do something similar as the below to it.

Queen Vic Respect

Captured yesterday in Macquarie Street.

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