Friday, April 07, 2006


Chloe Phar Lap

Local icons. Both impressive specimens. Bigger than you would expect. Great to finally get around to seeing first hand and in the flesh.

Yes I have been having a perve at some of Melbourne's more famous icons. Chloe at the Young and Jacksons and good old Phar Lap himself. Next one to tick is Ned Kelly's armour. That's tomorrow though. Firstly I need to clean up. Have a shave. Get my best threads on. And head off to a wedding.

Pity about the weather. The wedding is in Flagstaff Gardens. It's very gloomy at the moment. It is true what they say. Melbourne has shite weather. I have never been here with good prolonged weather yet. Is this enough to rethink thoughts of moving here. Hah, what am I saying, I lived in London for 18 months. Can't top that.

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