Friday, January 20, 2006

B-Grade Celebrity Spotter

Maybe it is where I live or where I walk to but I seem to keep on running into Aussie B-Grade celebs while being back in Sydney. Just this week I have rubbed shoulders (albeit against tiny little ones) at my local pub with that scary looking SBS weekend news reader Lee Lin Chin. Close up impressions .. she is tiny. Her head of hair is bigger than the width of her body.

And as to other people, today I saw David Koch from Sunrise tapping away into his mobile as he walked past .. probably checking out his stocks, which if anyone remembers is what he used to know all about before he reincarnated as the happy chappy on morning TV.

Later I also saw author and large wealthy woman, Colleen McCullough, coming out of DJs with her walking frame thing with wheels full of gourmet food .. perhaps for her cat(s)? She must be on holiday from her normal Norfolk Island abode.

Previously I once walked past grumpy old Labor stalwart, Bob Ellis, whereupon when I saw his grim face I gave him a "G'day Bob" and a thumbs up and managed to change his look to a big smile. It may have made his day.

I then have seen everywhere actor Bill Hunter in the pub across the road. I hear he lives somewhere nearby and obviously likes a beer or two. Another around this neck of the woods is that old dickhead John Laws who drives his Bentley around to and from the golden microphone.

And then moving on from the B-graders I have seen Law's neighbour, old Russ Crowe, a few times around, either out in his tracksuit keeping fit with Danielle or getting out of a prestige cab. I've been careful not to get him angry and make sure he hasn't had a phone in hand.

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