Friday, January 27, 2006

Patriotic .. Moi?

I am not particularly patriotic when it comes to Australia Day. Sure the patriotism is there - I swell up with pride at certain sporting occasions and like the fact we have so many big names in Hollywood now - but the overtly Australian parochialism and breast beating just doesn't cut my mustard. So for a day filled with flag waving yesterday, what did I end up doing? Head to an art gallery and see a French painter.

After the impressionism I took the complimentary Herald from the gallery, headed down to the park for a read of the Oz day coverage. Luckily they seemed to be more in step with my feeling with their UnAustralian of the Year awards.

I think half of my problem with the day is seeing everyone wrapped in the flag or it flying from every pole. I just don't like the flag. Not all of it, just one of the corners. Why do we have to have someone else's flag stuck on ours? We need to change it .. and while we are at it get rid of the Queen too.

The other day I met Fred from Perth in Hyde Park, who is travelling around the country with his own new design for a flag. I had a chat with him and discussed his design. (I actually don't mind it, turn it on its side and you have the bush, beach and stars). He is fund raising his own trip around the nation to get the flag issue back on the agenda. Good on him I say and I bought one of his stickers.

Yesterday for me wasn't completely unAussie, after my sitting in the park I went and grabbed a pie from Harry's, followed by some cricket on the box which then led into more cricket at the pub with a couple of schooners. Almost the same as last year in the end .. except no little fat politicians were around.

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