Sunday, January 15, 2006

One thing that is taking a little while to get used to, after living in PNG for 2 years, are the supermarkets. Specifically sights like this.

I am well aware that being in Lae I had quite a good range at the Food Mart in town, but there was never a whole wall just for milk. In fact again I was quite lucky to have fresh milk full stop. The only dairy in the country, the ECB mission at 6 Mile, made it so there was at least something other than UHT milk available.

Seeing this at Woolworths the other day in Toowoomba made me stop and remember just how good we do have it in Australia. Skim, Light, Full, Soy, yada, yada, yada.

And then afterwards I went to a Bunnings (for the foreigners, a massive hardware store) and had a head spin. It made old Brian Bell look a bit sad. But I couldn't find a bush knife in there though, so not everything is better. Lucky I brought mine home.

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