Thursday, January 26, 2006

Bar Views

Back in PNG .. not so long ago .. I used to head down to the bar at the Yacht Club .. on weeknights .. after work .. to enjoy the end of the day and have a good chat with the mates.

The view was good .. on the water .. over the marina .. watching the boats bob .. and the sky get darker.

Fast track forward to now and life is not so much different .. drinks after work .. over the water .. watching boats .. and cars .. and bridges .. and a hell of a lot of other things.

My life has changed dramatically in the last two months. I am back in a job .. back in routine .. just temporarily though for the next 6 weeks .. and I'm already making plans for things to do when the time is up .. itchy feet syndrome is hard to get rid of.

New views do await .. but in the meantime old views will have to suffice.

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