Sunday, January 08, 2006

Not a Fair-Way

I was going to write up a bit of a moan about going to Cricket last week and how the enjoyment factor is slowing being ebbed away .. light beer only .. wrong! But instead I turn my attention to another sport .. Golf.

Usually I am loathe to talk about it. My cousins and uncles are well and truly into it and they bore me to tears every Christmas when they talk about the inanities of it and then they go and watch a game on the tv. It really is a boring game to watch, easily more so than even cricket, but having a hit out every once in a while is good fun.

And this is what I did recently out a bush course with my sort-of "brother-in-law". We were the only ones on the whole course .. which wasn't surprising as it was about 35 degrees in the middle of the day. And because of the heat we took plenty of liquid refreshment to keep us cool.

The refreshment didn't help my game though .. actually like my pool playing skills it was probably a dampener to have a few beers and then try and hit a little white ball successfully. This was confirmed by the tally of balls lost. Three over seven holes. And by my best effort on one of those holes, a 4 over par. Ordinary.

Typical effort on the black. Putts, it goes and it stops. I'm blaming the sandy surface.

Still my first game in many a year was good fun all up. Although we tired of it once the beer finished .. hence why only the seven holes.

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